Faux Croc Beaded Collar

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Decorative faux croc collar with delicate and pretty beading overlay.
Size XS fits from 8" to 11"
Size S fits from 9,5" to 12,5"
Size M fits from 13,5" to 17,5"
Size L fits from 17" to 21".

These collars are very pretty and most suited to decorative/occasional use. Matching plain faux croc leads available also.

I got one of these each for my two dogs - I'm lazy so ignored the part where it said "occasional use is best" and left them on permanently. My bigger dog Suki is really gentle and her purple one is still perfect. My Jack Russel is really boisterous, plays roughly, rolls in muck etc and hers got a bit wrecked and she lost a couple of the stones. So my advice is unless your dog is super well behaved - keep them for occasional use like the description said. For 14.99 though I'm happy to replace them when they get ruined :-)
My name is Pebbles and lucky for me my dad can't seem to stop buying me collars :-) he picked me up these in the purple, gold and green and I look great in them. matching leads too of course - im so spoiled!!!
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