Orijen Adult Dog Food

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Orijen is a multi award winning super premium dry dog food from Canada. With no grains and very little carbs, ORIJEN is easily digested by all dogs. It is loaded with a diversity of nourishing meat proteins and fats, but is limited in carbohydrate.

RICH in MEAT & PROTEIN | 80% / 38%
ORIJEN ADULT DOG is made with a full 80% of meat from free-run chicken and turkey, fresh whole eggs and wild-caught fish. These high meat inclusions produce a Biologically Appropriate protein level of 38%, which replicates the natural diet and nourishes your dog according to his anatomical adaptation to meat protein.

Animal fats and oils are essential for the peak health of all dogs — that’s why ORIJEN is free of plant oils and only features fats of premium animal source. Instead of the highly-processed rendered fats used by conventional pet food makers, over 90% of the fats in ORIJEN occur naturally from high inclusions of fresh chicken, turkey, fish and egg.

DHA & EPA from FRESH FISH | 0.6% / 0.3%
Fresh fish is a perfect source of highly digestible and Biologically Appropriate DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids. Essential for your dog’s immune and nervous systems, as well as a glowing skin and hair coat, these richly nourishing fatty acids are not available from plant oils such as flax, coconut or sunflower.

Your dog’s natural diet contains very few, if any, grains or carbohydrates. That’s why Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN is grain-free and contains less than half the carbohydrates found in conventional dog foods.

The potential oversupply of calcium and phosphorus in high-protein dog foods is cause for concern. High inclusions of chicken meal, fish meal or turkey meal used to increase protein levels also provide a rich source of minerals and push calcium and phosphorus levels to the upper allowable limits of, respectively, 2.5% and 1.6%.

ORIJEN’s high ratios of fresh poultry, meats and fish provide a rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is derived naturally from the fresh meat ingredients — without adding synthetic ingredients to the formula.

Providing the element of your dog’s natural diet that he craves when foraging for grasses and weeds, ORIJEN’s veterinarian-selected botanicals help support your dog’s metabolism, strengthen his organs, and serve as cleansers to rid his body of toxins.

NUTRITIONAL GUARANTEE ORIJEN ADULT DOG is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for ALL LIFE STAGES.


Decided to try this dog food after much research, no fillers, full of protein & winner of best dog food last 2 years. Although my vet hadn't heard of it (as of yet!!) i had to try it! Needless to say delighted i made the switch my pom has shown a great improvement in energy & overall mood.
A friend of mine pestered me into trying this food and they were right to do so. My golden lab seemed to have a whole new lease on life after the switch.
I visited Mollys last saturday with Gizmo my Shih Tzu. Have to say this was a great shopping experience. Could not believe the variety not only for food but for supplies, toiletries etc. Gizmo was on the Royal Cannian but got Orijen food. got few flavours & hes adapting very well to them keeping in mind he is an extremely fussy eater. The owner Claire was so so helpful & Gizmo thouroughly enjoyed his time spent here. I would highly recommend this store. Has everything for our furry friends. Thanks a mill Claire for your patience & your great advice. Will definitely be back in soon xxx
Best food by a mile..dont take my word just look up dog food analysis .com
I am from Vancouver BC Canada, and have just recently moved here to Dublin. Needless to say, I am thrilled you carry my dog's food here! It is the best, most healthy dog food ever as it has no fillers and he loves it:-)
the difference in bella's coat, eyes and BREATH since we switched to this is unbelievable - she's like a new dog. Worth every penny.
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