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Orijen Dog Food Formula Change

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Just a quick note to let our Orijen customers know that they have made some improvements to their formula, it now has a ratio of 80:20 instead of 70:30 meats to fruit and vegetables.

It is worth mentioning that the meat ratio is not the same as the % protein content – for example the protein content of the new adult original formula is 38%.

We already have the new adult formula in store and on our website, the rest of the varieties will start to arrive in the coming weeks.

Orijen Dog & Cat Food is Now Available from Mollys Pet Boutique!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

We recieved our first delivery of Orijen today – exciting! Many of our customers are thriving on Arden Grange (which we will continue to carry both in store and online) but we had many requests for grain free food and also specifically for Orijen, so as usual, we are giving you what you want :)

Why Orijen?

Orijen dog and cat food is a “Biologically Appropriate” diet. It mirrors the foods and nutrients that cats & dogs would find hunting in the wild, while keeping in mind that today’s domestic pet gets regular meals handed to them and less exercise 😉 so needs fewer calories.

The idea is to help cats & dogs achieve peak health by including the right ratio & quantity of fresh animal ingredients – the very protein-rich ingredients they’re anatomically evolved as carnivores to eat. Yes, dogs and cats are carnivores! They lack the digestive enzyme amylase that we humans (omnivores) have present in our saliva to break down carbohydrates, they also have short digestive tracts perfect for quickly digesting fat and protien from meat and fish.

High-carbohydrate ingredients, like cereal grains, don’t actually belong in the natural diet of cats & dogs so Orijen don’t include it. Instead it has a ratio of 70/30/0 – 70% meat, 30% fruit & vegetables… and no grains whatsoever.

What’s it made of?

According to their website – Orijen is “made from fresh regional ingredients include free-run chicken, turkey & ducks, whole Grade A eggs, free range wild boar, bison and heritage pork, grass-fed lamb, and a variety of wild-caught freshwater & saltwater fish—all sustainably farmed or fished locally, passed ‘fit for human consumption’ and delivered FRESH TO OUR DOOR. Each & every day!”

Sounds pretty good to us! The Glycemic Research Institute in Washington DC think so too, they have recently named Orijen their Pet Food of the Year 2009/2010.

Isn’t too much protein bad?

In a word, no. The peak health of our companion cats and dogs depends upon the quality proteins and fats they derive from meats – not from carbohydrates and grains. Good quality protein and fats will result in your pet being in peak health.

Hungry for more?

For more information on protein in your pets food, this study by the University of Pennsylvania veterinary department is worth a read.

Also check out this white paper explaining the fundemental differences between Orijen and other pet food brands.

The full Orijen dog & cat ranges are now available both instore and online at, if you have any other questions that are not covered here, feel free to mail us or call us on 01-2805999.

Happy Reading,

Claire & Molly