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Why Would A Dog Need A Coat?

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We often hear this remark from first time dog owners in our Pet Shop in Dun Laoghaire.

I can understand why, they have a fur coat already so you may wonder, why would they need one more? It’s simple really – your mammy was right when she told you take your coat off indoors or it’ll be no good to you outside.

The winters have gotten colder and colder in Ireland over the past few years. Smaller, older and thin coated dogs have always come to us to get a new dog coat to keep warm on winter walks, but since we started getting snowy winters, hardier dogs have been shopping for an extra layer (or two!) also.

I do find it amusing to hear remarks such as “that’s cruel!” from people (usually non pet owners) I must say, as if someone who loved their dog and wanted the best for them would be cruel to them! From our many years of experience kitting dogs out for the winter season, I can tell you that there are a few options you may wish to consider before the snow arrives again.

The first one is a simple extra layer for warmth on chilly days. You may notice your dog (particularly if they are smaller, older or thin coated) shivering on a cold day. Do him a favor, get him a nice warm dog fleece or a simple dog jumper – it’s what you would do for yourself on a cold day!

Another important thing to think about is going out for a walk in the winter. A good quality waterproof dog jacket is a great investment for dogs (like Molly!) who insist on being walked regardless of the weather conditions. It also cuts down on bathing and mess in the car – wet jacket comes off, dry dog is happy underneath.

Another great addition for winter walks is something to make your dog more visible, such as a pet reflector vest.

The most important consideration for wintertime is if you have an outdoor dog or your dog usually spends time or sleeps outside. Please, please think about bringing them in on colder nights, even if its just to a garage or utility room. They may have coats and be happy to stay out in warmer weather, but freezing winter nights are different. They’ll be good, I promise :)

Our Warm Winter Fashion Piece on RTE’s Four Live

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

We had some gorgeous dogs (and a cat!) modelling some winter pet fashion on RTE’s Four Live last friday.

Some of our bestselling Dog Clothes were featured including our bestselling Thermal Long Johns and our GORGEOUS Christmas Reindeer Sweater!

As cats prefer snuggling up somewhere toasty rather than putting on an extra layer to head outside, we also featured one of our Cat Radiator Beds, a great idea for cats that love to snooze in a warm place.

Remember that even though they have fur, its so so cold right now that even outdoor dogs and cats can perish in this weather so please, please bring them inside and make sure they are warm enough :)

You can watch the Four Live Piece Here, it starts from 37mins in.

New winter dog clothes are here!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009



We’ve been busy all this week at Mollys unwrapping our new winter stock – exciting!

In Ireland there are a few staple items for your dogs winter wardrobe that we recommend.

Regardless of your opinion of dogs wearing clothing as fashion items… it rains here. A lot. I know I’d much rather spend a couple of seconds hanging up wet rainjackets than chasing wet dogs around the house with a towel after lets face it, almost every winter walk. Washing your dog less frequently is better for their coats (and your bathroom!) too. So unless you like spending a lot of time cleaning up after wet dog, we recommend investing in good quality, practical dog rainjacket for winter.


Our new Rainy Day Saver in pink, red or blue with reflective strips is perfect for dark winter walks. At just €26.95, it’s a total bark-ain too!

Older, thin coated, convalescing, or just certain breeds of single coated dogs really feel the cold during our Irish winter. For these dogs we have plenty of warm winter coats to choose from. For a simple, practical but chic BIG dog coat this fleece lined and reflective number ticks all the boxes. There is plenty of adjustment for the larger chested dogs too. For the little guys (up to cocker spaniel size) this funky parka in green army or desert camo are just adorable. For the ultimate girlie coat, this officially licensed Barbie Parka is a girlie dream – it even has applique hearts and cupcakes on the back awww….


For keeping warm indoors we have these practical but really chic Snuggle Stripes knitted dog jumpers. Or for serious cuteness you can’t go wrong with its love hearts sweets themed Valentine Hoodie – adorable!


We have new stock arriving daily over the next couple of weeks so be sure to check back soon!

Happy Shopping!

Claire & Molly