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Pet Dental Care

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Apparently, September is officially Pet Smile Month, so I decided to use this opportunity to discuss this very important but often overlooked area of petcare.

Molly recently had to take some medication for a sore paw, it was a big beef flavored tablet which she seemed to love the taste of and gobbled up right out of my hand! I was shocked later when I happened to see what I thought was some of the beefy tablet stuck to her back teeth, but was in fact tartar build up. Her front teeth are nice and clean from regular chewy dog treats and her rope toy fascination so I didn’t think to check the back ones, I feel like such a bad owner! :(

PetSmile week aims to encourage pet owners to “lift the lip” and check their pet’s teeth regularly, you can’t see the teeth so you never know what’s lurking back there. Ideally, you would get your pet used to having their teeth brushed with a special pet toothpaste and brush several times a week from an early age, but this isn’t always possible and some pets simply don’t like brushing and will not allow it, especially cats!

Thankfully there are other options available. One of the bestselling products in our pet supplies department is Plaque Off – an all natural seaweed formula that you simply add to your pets food. You should see results within a few weeks, I highly recommend it.

If even a few weeks seems too long, to help with the dreaded “dog breath kiss” we have some nifty products that require no brushing such as this tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel kit. To help with halitosis our Fresh Breath Foam and Fresh Breath Water Additive work a treat, without harming your pet (or anyone elses as the range is cruelty free!)

With some simple additions to your petcare routine you can go a long way to preventing dental disease, which if left untreated can spread to other parts of the body including major organs. As well as the plaque prevention suggestions above, regular access to a chew toy can also help dislodge tartar. And of course, diet is very important. The better the quality of your dog food or cat food, the better condition your pet’s teeth (and the rest of him!) will be in.

Dogs health in the Cold Conditions

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Some pets are better suited than others for these weather conditions were having at the moment, there is a common misconception that dogs will be fine outside. Just like us humans dogs can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. A below zero temperature is too cold for any house pet.

Puppies and the senior pets are especially at risk. At this time of year many new christmas puppies are being house trained and a common mistake is to assume that they need to be brought outside, during the icy conditions paper training is best and once the extreme cold period passes you can later move the paper outside.

Dog Clothes

Get a Warm Dog Jacket and ensure that they wear it when going out for walks.When out walking in snow, dogs may get large ice balls between their pads, causing the dog to limp and be uncomfortable. Be sure to keep ice clear from this area. For dogs that have a lot of hair between the pads, keeping it clipped shorter will help with ice ball formation. Dog boots offer protection to those dogs that will tolerate wearing them.
Pets walked on paths that have been de-iced with salts are prone to dry, chapped, and potentially painful paws. This will encourage the pet to lick their paws, and ingestion may cause gastrointestinal irritation and upset. Wash off your pet’s feet after an outing with a warm wet rag.

Lastly remember that water bowls too freeze in the cold weather. Its essential that your pets have access to water at all times.

New winter dog clothes are here!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009



We’ve been busy all this week at Mollys unwrapping our new winter stock – exciting!

In Ireland there are a few staple items for your dogs winter wardrobe that we recommend.

Regardless of your opinion of dogs wearing clothing as fashion items… it rains here. A lot. I know I’d much rather spend a couple of seconds hanging up wet rainjackets than chasing wet dogs around the house with a towel after lets face it, almost every winter walk. Washing your dog less frequently is better for their coats (and your bathroom!) too. So unless you like spending a lot of time cleaning up after wet dog, we recommend investing in good quality, practical dog rainjacket for winter.


Our new Rainy Day Saver in pink, red or blue with reflective strips is perfect for dark winter walks. At just €26.95, it’s a total bark-ain too!

Older, thin coated, convalescing, or just certain breeds of single coated dogs really feel the cold during our Irish winter. For these dogs we have plenty of warm winter coats to choose from. For a simple, practical but chic BIG dog coat this fleece lined and reflective number ticks all the boxes. There is plenty of adjustment for the larger chested dogs too. For the little guys (up to cocker spaniel size) this funky parka in green army or desert camo are just adorable. For the ultimate girlie coat, this officially licensed Barbie Parka is a girlie dream – it even has applique hearts and cupcakes on the back awww….


For keeping warm indoors we have these practical but really chic Snuggle Stripes knitted dog jumpers. Or for serious cuteness you can’t go wrong with its love hearts sweets themed Valentine Hoodie – adorable!


We have new stock arriving daily over the next couple of weeks so be sure to check back soon!

Happy Shopping!

Claire & Molly

Your Dog's Favorite Toy is Back!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Back by popular demand…

Our bestselling Bad Cuz Balls!

We haven’t had them for a while, we were waiting on a delivery from a new supplier. Anyone who has tried these toys knows how much their dogs love them, even after the squeak is gone they still carry them around.

Sometimes though, they get lost or damaged and need to be replaced.We got a lot of calls asking when they were coming back in. One lady went so far as to yell at Brona because her dog really wanted a replacement and she had been waiting a few weeks!

So if you haven’t tried this fabulous toy yet, grab some now before they sell out again.

For small breed dogs and cats check out the Baby Bad Cuz Ball or Baby Bad Other Cuz Ball,

for medium sized dogs try the Bad Cuz Ball or Bad Other Cuz Ball

and for BIG dogs or aggressive chewers check out the BIG Dog Bad Cuz Ball or BIG Dog Bad Other Cuz Ball.

But maybe don’t yell at us, yelling isn’t fun 😉

Happy Shopping,

Claire & Molly