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Green Dog Food Now Available At Mollys

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Today we had some visitors to our pet shop, the lovely guys from Green Dog, a small, independent dog food company with a BIG heart… which is right up our street!

We were immediately impressed with the small but perfectly formed ingredient list on the side of the bag we were presented with (it’s not often that a company visiting us proclaiming to be selling a “healthy” dog food is actually doing so!) and also when we were told that the food was free from synthetic vitamins and nasty additives.

Here’s what’s in their Turkey and Rice Puppy food:
Turkey (31% dry » 64.41% fresh*), whole white rice, vegetables and herbs (15%), whole brown rice (14%), whole oats, whole barley, fat.
Yes, that’s everything… really!!

A snoop through the literature we were left with and the Green Dog website threw up even more (nice!) surprises.

For starters, their website states that “The product is steam cooked and air-dried. This traditional method retains the whole-food elements and palatability of the raw materials.”
Most traditional pet food is extruded, which basically means that it is processed en masse at a very high temperature, at a very high speed, and a lot of nutrients are lost. Baked or steam cooked foods usually come at a premium, but Green Dog’s pricing is on a par with James Wellbeloved! (another excellent, hypoallergenic food we carry.)

We then found out that Green Dog:
– Use holistic principles in the formulation of our products
– Use pet dogs belong to members of the public as a ‘tasting panel’
– Use products from local suppliers if possible
– Only use products which can be properly digested
– Do not use products from inhumane farming systems
– Do not use unsuitable chemicals of any description for product preservation, fortification, taste enhancement or appearance, or for any other reason.
– Do not use laboratory animals for testing our product
– Do not use unsuitable by-products
– Do not use ingedients that have been inhumanely tested on animals

Needless to say, when we showed Molly she gave her approval right away :-) Yes, this is just an excuse to show another picture of our Gorgeous boss… check out those fabulous spotty paws!!

Green Dog food is now available both in our Dun Laoghaire pet store and on our website.

Royal Canin pet food now available from

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Due to customer requests, we are pleased to tell you that we are now stocking the Royal Canin range of dog food and cat food on our website and in store.

For anyone not familiar with the line, they are a French company who take a scientific approach to developing their foods. This means they have many different formulas developed specifically for different sizes, breeds and dietary requirements. If you don’t see your specific formula, please contact us and we can order it for you.

Cat owners tell us that even fussy eaters like their Exigent formula, extra fussy cats will be happy to hear that the Exigent formula has been split into three new flavors to narrow down even further the needs of fussy eaters.

We have also added James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice formula to our dog food selection. James Wellbeloved is a high quality hypoallergenic food made in England.

If you are unsure about the right food for your pet, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Dog Treats & Biscuits – the good, the bad and the shockingly bad!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

We love our dogs, we want them to be happy. So you’re out doing your own grocery shopping, you pass the pet aisle and think – surely it would be rude not to pick up some treats for the dog while we’re at it? 😉

dog treats

But how many of us actually look at the side of the packet at the (often verrrry long and difficult to decipher) list of ingredients?

Can anyone tell me what “derivatives of animal origin” are? Something vaguely related to an animal, maybe some leftovers from the abattoir (slaughterhouse) floor, can’t be that bad… right? :(

What about another popular ingredient “derivatives of vegetable origin” . That’s not good wholesome vegetables or even “vegetable derivatives” …

“Derivatives of vegetable origin” .

Doesn’t sound too tasty or beneficial to me.

A lot of treats and biscuits also contain a lot of salt, sugar and flavor enhancers. None of these are doing your dog any good.

For more information on pet food and treat ingredients, the Dog Food Analysis website is well worth a read. You may be shocked at what you’ve really been feeding your pet!

Luckily, there are dog treats and biscuits available with no “mystery ingredients” that they will love to munch on! 😀


Our bestselling range of Scallywags biscuits are baked here in Dublin and our dogs just love them! They have no nasty hidden ingredients and are available in barley bites (with herbs and honey – Molly’s fave!), peanut butter, rye crunch (low fat) and oatees (parmesan cheese). Try them yourself to see how delicious they are 😉

If you think your dog would prefer something meaty, our Arden Grange treats and hypoallergenic and made with wholesome, natural ingredients. They are currently available in Lamb or Salmon.


We have just started selling Petzerts in our store and have had a great response so far. These are frozen certified organic pots of probiotic and prebiotic natural yoghurt, made right here in Ireland! As they are frozen treats they are not suitable for mailing so are only available from our freezer instore.

cat treats

It is very difficult to find good cat treats so we were very happy to see the ingredient list for our new gourmet salmon and vegetable cat treats. They are low fat and stuffed with salmon, carrots, broccoli, alfafa sprouts, apples and cranberries.

If you don’t mind getting your hands (and floors) dirty, knuckle bones are a great natural treat for dogs (your local butcher can help you there) also sweet potato and carrots go down really well.

Orijen Dog & Cat Food is Now Available from Mollys Pet Boutique!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

We recieved our first delivery of Orijen today – exciting! Many of our customers are thriving on Arden Grange (which we will continue to carry both in store and online) but we had many requests for grain free food and also specifically for Orijen, so as usual, we are giving you what you want :)

Why Orijen?

Orijen dog and cat food is a “Biologically Appropriate” diet. It mirrors the foods and nutrients that cats & dogs would find hunting in the wild, while keeping in mind that today’s domestic pet gets regular meals handed to them and less exercise 😉 so needs fewer calories.

The idea is to help cats & dogs achieve peak health by including the right ratio & quantity of fresh animal ingredients – the very protein-rich ingredients they’re anatomically evolved as carnivores to eat. Yes, dogs and cats are carnivores! They lack the digestive enzyme amylase that we humans (omnivores) have present in our saliva to break down carbohydrates, they also have short digestive tracts perfect for quickly digesting fat and protien from meat and fish.

High-carbohydrate ingredients, like cereal grains, don’t actually belong in the natural diet of cats & dogs so Orijen don’t include it. Instead it has a ratio of 70/30/0 – 70% meat, 30% fruit & vegetables… and no grains whatsoever.

What’s it made of?

According to their website – Orijen is “made from fresh regional ingredients include free-run chicken, turkey & ducks, whole Grade A eggs, free range wild boar, bison and heritage pork, grass-fed lamb, and a variety of wild-caught freshwater & saltwater fish—all sustainably farmed or fished locally, passed ‘fit for human consumption’ and delivered FRESH TO OUR DOOR. Each & every day!”

Sounds pretty good to us! The Glycemic Research Institute in Washington DC think so too, they have recently named Orijen their Pet Food of the Year 2009/2010.

Isn’t too much protein bad?

In a word, no. The peak health of our companion cats and dogs depends upon the quality proteins and fats they derive from meats – not from carbohydrates and grains. Good quality protein and fats will result in your pet being in peak health.

Hungry for more?

For more information on protein in your pets food, this study by the University of Pennsylvania veterinary department is worth a read.

Also check out this white paper explaining the fundemental differences between Orijen and other pet food brands.

The full Orijen dog & cat ranges are now available both instore and online at, if you have any other questions that are not covered here, feel free to mail us or call us on 01-2805999.

Happy Reading,

Claire & Molly