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Why Would A Dog Need A Coat?

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We often hear this remark from first time dog owners in our Pet Shop in Dun Laoghaire.

I can understand why, they have a fur coat already so you may wonder, why would they need one more? It’s simple really – your mammy was right when she told you take your coat off indoors or it’ll be no good to you outside.

The winters have gotten colder and colder in Ireland over the past few years. Smaller, older and thin coated dogs have always come to us to get a new dog coat to keep warm on winter walks, but since we started getting snowy winters, hardier dogs have been shopping for an extra layer (or two!) also.

I do find it amusing to hear remarks such as “that’s cruel!” from people (usually non pet owners) I must say, as if someone who loved their dog and wanted the best for them would be cruel to them! From our many years of experience kitting dogs out for the winter season, I can tell you that there are a few options you may wish to consider before the snow arrives again.

The first one is a simple extra layer for warmth on chilly days. You may notice your dog (particularly if they are smaller, older or thin coated) shivering on a cold day. Do him a favor, get him a nice warm dog fleece or a simple dog jumper – it’s what you would do for yourself on a cold day!

Another important thing to think about is going out for a walk in the winter. A good quality waterproof dog jacket is a great investment for dogs (like Molly!) who insist on being walked regardless of the weather conditions. It also cuts down on bathing and mess in the car – wet jacket comes off, dry dog is happy underneath.

Another great addition for winter walks is something to make your dog more visible, such as a pet reflector vest.

The most important consideration for wintertime is if you have an outdoor dog or your dog usually spends time or sleeps outside. Please, please think about bringing them in on colder nights, even if its just to a garage or utility room. They may have coats and be happy to stay out in warmer weather, but freezing winter nights are different. They’ll be good, I promise :)

Our Warm Winter Fashion Piece on RTE’s Four Live

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

We had some gorgeous dogs (and a cat!) modelling some winter pet fashion on RTE’s Four Live last friday.

Some of our bestselling Dog Clothes were featured including our bestselling Thermal Long Johns and our GORGEOUS Christmas Reindeer Sweater!

As cats prefer snuggling up somewhere toasty rather than putting on an extra layer to head outside, we also featured one of our Cat Radiator Beds, a great idea for cats that love to snooze in a warm place.

Remember that even though they have fur, its so so cold right now that even outdoor dogs and cats can perish in this weather so please, please bring them inside and make sure they are warm enough :)

You can watch the Four Live Piece Here, it starts from 37mins in.

A Stylish Way To Recycle Pet Beds

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

We’ve proudly been the exclusive Irish stockists of Molly Mutt Dog Duvets since August 2009 and have struggled to keep them in stock ever since – you guys just love them!

If you haven’t seen them before there are several reasons why they are sure to become a firm favorite:

First off – they are eco friendly. We all have half chewed or just plain old dog beds lying around at home, not to mention our own old towels, blankets, odd socks… you get the idea. Simply gather up your old stuff in a Molly Mutt stuff sack rather than sending it to landfill and voila! With the Molly Mutt Dog Duvet of your choice you have a brand new bed!

Secondly – the price. You are getting a top quality, gorgeous, designer dog bed for the price of a regular old pet shop bed. As you are only buying the cover and filling the bed yourself, the shipping and manufacturing costs are much, much less. If you change the decor of your home or simply get bored of the pattern you chose, you can get another duvet to switch it up! Personally, I like to have one cover ready to go straight on when the alternate one is being washed.

And last but not least – comfort. Dogs just seem to love these beds! You can put as much or as little filler in the Stuff Sack as you wish, tailoring the bed to suit your dogs preference if they are fussy.

But what about my cat?

We have recently restocked all of the new Molly Mutt patterns and are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking Molly Meow Cat Duvets too!

Available in an array of funky patterns in both square and round shapes, now cats and their owners can also enjoy the Molly Duvet experience :)

Why Does My Dog Or Cat Need An ID Tag?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

If you are a responsible pet owner who doesn’t let your dog or cat wander unattended where they may be in danger, you may wonder why you would need to get them an ID tag. Apart from the fact that it is a requirement by Irish law, it can make things an awful lot easier if the unexpected happens. I can’t imagine the heart ache of waiting by the phone for information on a lost pet so would much rather be safe than sorry.

While microchipping is a fantastic way of identifying your pet, if your pet has simply escaped from the garden while you are out, or run off and got a bit lost during a walk – it is so much quicker and easier for a neighbor or passer by to ring a mobile number on an ID Tag than to call the dog warden or bring your pet to a pound or vet’s office to be checked for a microchip.

The presence of a tag can also let people know that your dog or cat is not supposed to be out roaming and is in fact lost – many people put “If you find me, I’m lost” or similar on a tag to let people know to call them if their pet is found.

So what to put on my pet’s ID tag?

The most important information to put on your pet’s ID Tag is your contact telephone number. This is the quickest way for someone to reach you if your pet is found.
If you allow your dog or cat to roam free around your neighborhood, it is also advisable to put your vet’s name and contact number in case they are involved in a road traffic accident and need immediate attention. If your pet has any illnesses or is on a restricted diet you may like to mention this also.
As mentioned earlier, letting people know if your pet is not meant to be wandering alone is also a good idea – so “If you find me I’m lost” or similar lets people know to call you if your pet is found.

Letting people know if your dog or cat is spayed/neutered and/or microchipped is also advisable. A microchipped pet is a traceable pet, while a spayed/neutered pet is no good to a thief looking to steal dogs or cats for breeding purposes.

There is much debate as to whether you should put your pet’s name on their tag. Personally the idea of a dog or cat snatcher reading an tag then retreating to try to coax the animal into a vehicle by calling its name seems ludicrous to me – surely they would just grab and run? On the flip side though, dogs and cats learn information about each other by sniffing, not reading each others name tags… so it’s not essential to put it on either 😉

On a lighter note, while ID Tags are essential, ugly and heavy handscratched ones are not :) Our tags are digitally engraved with a diamond tipped needle so the information will not rub off. We have many different colours and styles to choose from to compliment your pet’s collar.

Our large ID tags can fit up to five lines of text on each side and our small ID tags can fit up to three, so you should have plenty of room for all the required information. The coloured tags are also very lightweight (aluminum) so are ideal for kittens and small breed puppies.

Sandra Bullock Loves Our Dog Beds!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Our bestselling Bagel Beds have been a massive hit since we started carrying them just over two years ago.
Dogs love them because they are soft, squishy and super comfortable – once they climb in they don’t want to get out! I can vouch for that myself because Molly’s dad bought an XL one for our sitting room for himself 😉

Owners love them too, because they are super durable, washable, and best of all don’t go flat after a couple of washes. So while they cost more than an average bed to begin with, you don’t have to keep replacing them every few months so you actually save money in the long run.
I’m sure Sandra Bullock didn’t care too much about the price tag or washing instructions when she was purchasing one for her dogs recently, but I’m sure she’ll be happy to see that they look FABULOUS in any living room 😉

Spike Dog Collars – not just for tough guys!

Friday, February 19th, 2010

We’ve always been fans of unusual collars here at Mollys. We had some requests for spike collars, but when ordering the traditional leather spike dog collars (now available in tiny to XL sizes, starting at €12.99) we couldn’t resist picking up some new twists on an old favorite too :)

Collar-wise, there’s very little more badass looking than a 2″ wide, handcrafted leather spike dog collar in classic black or burgundy, we simply had to have some!

We then took it a step further with the pink and baby blue versions. Apart from the fact that they’re gorgeous, a lot of our customers with breeds that have an (undeserved) bad name tell us that collars and accessories in cute colours help their pet get a much better reaction from people in the street.

For smaller dogs that want a rock n roll look, our Pyramid and Spike Collars are ideal. They are available to fit from 7″ necks and up in several funky patterns, colours and finishes. The best part is they’re only €14.99 each, so if you can’t pick a favorite you can collect them all :)