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Looking After A Bandaged Paw

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Poor Molly was back at the vet today with a sore paw :(Isn’t it so awful when one of your pets is sick?

A week or so ago, she started licking one of her nails excessively – presumably something got stuck under it and it quickly started to lift. Nicola at Brayvet expertly cut the nail back (as in right back, exposing the quick – ouch! poor Molly!) It was healing up really nicely until yesterday when it started swelling.

We went back to the vet today, Molly was not happy when she realised she was actually there for an appointment, not just to sniff and socialise in the reception area! We eventually coaxed her in and Andrew took a look. It turns out she had started the licking again and it was stopping the healing, so it was time for a bandage, along with some painkillers and antibiotics just in case of an infection.

Knowing that Molly is quite the stylish lady, I was happy to see a super cute paw-print bandage wrap was used. The happiness dissipated at reception though when I was told oh by the way, don’t get it wet – at all, very important.
For a second I was wondering how I was supposed to keep a big, active, muck and water loving dog dry for five whole days, then I remembered a nifty product we have in the shop called Pawz.

Dog boots and shoes are very popular in more extreme climates – for example they protect paws from piping hot pavements and snow melt chemicals – here in Ireland we rarely get the weather that requires them but we do carry Pawz rubber disposable boots in our store for things like allergies, cut pads, older/convalescing dogs who need better grip on laminate floors and now I can personally add and recommend keeping bandages dry to that list! :)  Apparently dogs prefer them as they are so thin they can easily feel the ground beneath them so don’t panic, owners prefer them as they come in a pack of 12, so if you lose or tear one just grab another from the pack – genius! :)

We measured Mollys actual paw and saw that she was a size medium, but the fat bandage meant that a large was a perfect fit. Pawz are colour coded by size, the large is purple so looks quite pretty and girlie and suits Molly very well :)

Getting her to take tablets is no problem at all (if its going in my mouth that means its food – right?) and she can walk perfectly on the now water proofed bandage – once she doesn’t try to eat it we’re laughing 😉

When Your Dog Eats Something They Shouldn’t Have…

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

We’ve all been there. You come home to find a box of tissues/your favorite shoes/the remote control/part of the wall(!) shredded into a million pieces and your puppy sitting with a smug expression on its face as if to say “look what I did for you! Aren’t I the BEST?!” The good news is, puppies tend to grow out of this behavior.

Molly is seven now so you can imagine my surprise last night when out of nowhere she decided to gobble up a pair of (very pretty-boo!) glass ear plugs I’d left on the table.
We found one on the couch later but she definitely swallowed the other. As it was 11pm, it was time to call the emergency Vet Clinic in UCD to see what was the best thing to do with her.
Don’t you just HATE those conversations – why do they never swallow anything easily explainable?!

“She swallowed what?”
“a PLUG its um, glass jewellery that goes in your ear”

The worst was when Molly’s brother Lucky chewed up a tub of little plastic farm animals, we had fun explaining that one:

“he ate a tub of… what?”
“its a child’s toy.. nevermind we’d better bring him straight in, there’s half chewed bits of plastic chickens and cows all over the floor.”

Anyway, the lady on the phone in the emergency clinic was very helpful. She asked about the size and shape of the the object swallowed and Molly’s size and weight. Based on those figures she thought it best to “let nature take its course” 😉
We were also given a list of things to watch out for, in which case we were to bring her to the vet right away.
I’m not going to share the details of that list here, as it is particular to Molly’s incident and you should ALWAYS consult a vet immediately if this happens to your pet, not the internet. NEVER try to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide or anything else, I’m aware that dosage information is available online but your first port of call should always be to seek advice from a qualified vet. And never be afraid to call the after hours clinic, they’ll be happy and able to tell you if you have a real emergency on your hands or not.

Which brings me nicely on to my next pearl of wisdom… Pet Insurance. The monthly payment for my three dogs costs about the same as a takeaway dinner for two.
If you haven’t insured your pets yet please, do it. now. You never know when little emergencies will pop up – in my experience, usually late at night, weekends,bank holidays and other inconvenient times! Knowing your insurance will cover whatever your pet needs is so reassuring. Not to mention if something more serious happens, I can’t imagine the pain of having to decide if you can afford a five figure operation for your beloved pet or will be forced to say goodbye.

So for now, I have the delightful task of checking through Molly’s poo for the next few days to look forward to.
Look at her face though, you can see why she gets away with being so bold! :)