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How to Treat Tear Staining in Dogs and Cats

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Dog’s eyes will naturally tear a little bit, especially when they are growing puppies with rapidly changing faces and sore teeth. For light or white coloured dogs this can lead to visible staining around the eyes and muzzle. If excessive tearing is causing a sticky build up that is irritating your dog’s face, or you simply want to remove the stains for cosmetic reasons, there are several options available.

It is very important to know that not all of these options are advisable.

Option one is to add a low grade anti biotic in your dog’s food. This will work cosmetically for a time but… the bacteria will most likely build up a tolerance to the anti biotic and also it is very important to let the tears come out naturally anyway. If the staining is a reddy brown – everything is a-ok and your dog’s eyes are healthy. However if here is a green or yellow colour a trip to the vet is needed. Checking the colour of the stains is an easy way of monitoring your pets health and I would personally much rather keep the anti-biotics for when they are genuinely necessary. Therefore we do not sell these products and do not recommend them.

Option two is to let the tears come out and then treat them externally. This is a much better idea for the reasons outlined above, but you still need to be careful choosing a product. Some products on the market contain bleaches and chemicals such as peroxide, we do not sell them either. Some people have success with apple cider vinegar but as this has a laxative effect I wouldn’t recommend it!

The products available on our website are natural and contain NO antibiotics, bleaches, peroxides, or anything else nasty that we wouldn’t be happy to recommend. For white coated dogs, Eye Envy is our bestselling product. It removes stains naturally and very effectively with a two part topical powder and liquid treatment that doesn’t sting! It is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Another all natural, safe and effective option is the Happytails Eyemunity and Eye Pad program. The Eyemunity is a safe, natural food supplement to help boost your dog’s immune system while the Eye Pads contain gentle ingredients like collodial silver to remove the stains externally. For dogs that just have a wee bit of staining or a grubby muzzle, the Eye Pads on their own are a great way to clean the stains off without harming your precious pet.

A Stylish Way To Recycle Pet Beds

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

We’ve proudly been the exclusive Irish stockists of Molly Mutt Dog Duvets since August 2009 and have struggled to keep them in stock ever since – you guys just love them!

If you haven’t seen them before there are several reasons why they are sure to become a firm favorite:

First off – they are eco friendly. We all have half chewed or just plain old dog beds lying around at home, not to mention our own old towels, blankets, odd socks… you get the idea. Simply gather up your old stuff in a Molly Mutt stuff sack rather than sending it to landfill and voila! With the Molly Mutt Dog Duvet of your choice you have a brand new bed!

Secondly – the price. You are getting a top quality, gorgeous, designer dog bed for the price of a regular old pet shop bed. As you are only buying the cover and filling the bed yourself, the shipping and manufacturing costs are much, much less. If you change the decor of your home or simply get bored of the pattern you chose, you can get another duvet to switch it up! Personally, I like to have one cover ready to go straight on when the alternate one is being washed.

And last but not least – comfort. Dogs just seem to love these beds! You can put as much or as little filler in the Stuff Sack as you wish, tailoring the bed to suit your dogs preference if they are fussy.

But what about my cat?

We have recently restocked all of the new Molly Mutt patterns and are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking Molly Meow Cat Duvets too!

Available in an array of funky patterns in both square and round shapes, now cats and their owners can also enjoy the Molly Duvet experience :)