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A Very Clever Dog Collar & Lead

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Every so often, a product comes along that really makes us sit up and take notice. The type of product that really does solve a problem or make something easier… like I don’t know, maybe a collar with a built in lead? Genius! :)

The collar is made of a soft but hardwearing nylon. Its not a very “pretty” collar but its certainly not ugly, and it can be easily prettified a bit with one of our stylish ID Tags or just worn for walks only.

The idea is when you have your dog in a safe off lead area, instead of having to keep a lead in your pocket or around your neck you simply pull out the elasticated, built in short lead when it’s time to walk back to your car, kids walk by, or any other reason you may need to bring your dog under control.

While were talking smart, time and effort saving gadgets, how about a lead with a built in car seatbelt adaptor?

It works at a regular 3′ lead with a padded nylon handle when out for a walk. When you get back to the car, adjust the slider to shorten the lead then pull back the velcro at the top to reveal the car seatbelt attachment. Simply click it into your car’s seatbelt receiver and attach the lead hook as usual to the back of the harness!
I tried it out last weekend and its great having one less thing to have to bring to the park – it leaves more hands free for tennis balls and water bowls at least!

There was only one thing about the product we thought was not so clever – this picture:

Attaching a seatbelt to a collar instead of a harness can cause serious injury to your dog’s neck or even death in the event of a crash, or even just having to break suddenly. Please always attach your dog’s seatbelt to a harness not a collar. If your dog will not wear a harness for some reason, we suggest using a dog crate instead of a seatbelt connector.