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GioCat Cat Cafe in Korea

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Its a cafe… where you can play with cats!
Molly’s auntie Aine is moving to South Korea to teach for a year. She was worried about missing working in a pet shop surrounded by dogs, then she found out about this cafe on the excellent Eat Your Kimchi website.
GioCat Cat Cafe is a cafe full of cats that you can play with and cuddle while having a coffee, what a fun idea!! Rules include not waking sleeping cats and only petting the cats if they want you to. Sometimes, cats are even available for adoption!

We’ll miss Aine when she leaves, but now that we’ve discovered GioCat Cat Cafe we’re definitely coming to visit! 😉

Keyboard Cat

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Sorry cat lovers, it seems like the blog has been full of all things dog lately, we love cats too… honest!

To make up for it here’s a classic cat video everyone should see 😉

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