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Useful Dog Tricks

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Meet Jesse, the incredibly talented and well trained Jack Russell! Jesse was trained by his owner Heather using Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training, as you can see a little encouragement and reward has gone a long way with this clever boy!

Positive Reinforcement means rewarding good behaviors (through treats, praise etc) and ignoring bad ones. It is a highly effective method of training and a really nice way to bond with your pet too.

Negative Reinforcement means punishment for bad behavior such as shouting at your dog, physically hurting your dog by hitting or with choke collars, rubbing your dog’s nose in faeces etc.

This outdated training method is bad news but sadly still widely passed on to new dog owners. If your “trainer” uses these methods, we strongly recommend finding a new one! If you are based in Dublin, Mollys recommends the excellent Dog Training Ireland in Blanchardstown.