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Halloween and Pets – Have Fun and STAY SAFE!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Every Halloween we hear of those sad cases animals being intentionally hurt or accidentally injured or killed through carelessness or inexperience. That’s why on the run up to Halloween we always like to do a re-cap of the basic do’s and don’t’s – better to be safe than sorry.

Halloween can be a scary time for pets – fireworks, noisy kids in scary masks knocking at the door, bonfires…. Loud noises like fireworks can cause pets to panic and run, sometimes ending up in road traffic accidents or simply getting lost and never finding their way home. Make sure your pet has somewhere in your home that they can go to feel safe if they are not happy. Ideally with something over their head to make them feel secure so in a covered crate, under a bed or even in a boiler room where the noise can be drowned out is helpful.

Do your best to keep them calm and feeling safe and it is imperative to keep your dog or cat SAFELY INDOORS in the run up to and on Halloween night.

You should always make sure your pet has a microchip and is wearing a collar and ID tag at all times so they can be identified, regardless of the season.

If your cat is usually outdoors, we have plenty of cat toys available to keep him happily entertained inside. For dogs, try to get them used to loud noises as much as possible, turn the tv or radio up a little louder than usual and give lots of cuddles and dog treats as a reward for NOT barking at the noise, try not to “reward” the scared behavior itself though as this may encourage it.

DAP (dog appeasing pheremone) diffusers can also help de-stress your pets, as can our bestselling Sleepy Time Tonic.

Not all pets are bothered by fireworks and can really enjoy Halloween. If they are happy to play along why not include them in the fun with their very own Pet Costume? We have lots to choose from. Lots of pets (including Molly) are more than happy to dress up and really enjoy the attention but please don’t force your pet to dress up if they don’t want to.

On the night, don’t forget that chocolate and any sweets containing xylotol are poisonous for pets so keep them well out of their reach; that also includes any foil sweet wrappers that could cause a blockage if ingested. We have a wide range of dog treats and cat treats to choose from if you want them to join in the snacking.

Make sure there are no lit candles at “tail swatting” height or where your cat likes to jump up, unfortunately many fires start this way on Halloween. If you are carving a pumpkin please, please make sure there is no space for a kitten to climb into and singe their fur.

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Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Claire & Molly

Our Fabulous Dog Tornado Toy on RTE’s Four Live Yesterday

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

A gorgeous dog called Timmy did a great job of demonstrating our bestselling Dog Tornado interactive toy on Four Live yesterday afternoon, thanks Timmy!

From our fun Interactive Dog Toy range, the Dog Tornado is a great way to bond with your pet while giving them a mental workout. There are different difficulty levels to help your dog find the treats easily at first, then work a little harder once they are used to it.

Timmy is currently looking for a forever home, please contact the ISPCA for more details.