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Getting Your Pet Ready For Summer

Friday, May 21st, 2010

How do pet owners know that summer is on its way? They’d stop and tell you but they’re too busy sweeping up a mountain of hair from around the house! 😉

When the season changes and you find your pets are shedding their winter coats there are a couple of other things to take care of as well as the hoovering up all that hair!

For starters, its sounds obvious but a good brush out once or twice a week (preferably outside!) will take out the dead hair and allow your pet’s coat a chance to breathe. Dead skin cells can build up as well as hair so brushing regularly allows oxygen to get to the skin and promotes a healthier, shinier coat.

We have an array of high quality dog brushes and cat brushes available for home maintenance. This is ideal for short coats but if your dog has a long or heavy coat, do both of you a big favor and treat them to a nice short clip at the groomers as well!

Even if you are feeding a high quality pet food, modern living conditions (central heating etc) and illness or old age can cause your dog’s coat to be at less than its best – this all natural Healthy Skin Shiny Coat tonic should help it back to tip top condition. Another tip is to break a cod liver oil capsule over your pets meal a couple of times a week.

You’ll know from previous blog posts and talking to us in store that here at Mollys we are not fans of giving our pets chemicals unnecessarily. However, the approach of summer means that flea season is upon us. Apart from causing your pet discomfort and spreading diseases, fleas are a total pain to get rid of once they are in your home. As a preventative, we recommend using a spot on cat flea treatment or dog flea treatment. They are painless, easy to apply and last for four weeks. If your home is already infested, this Household Flea Spray will kill fleas on contact.

It is also very important to worm your pets all year round and summer is no exception. If left untreated worms can cause serious illness or sadly even death for your pet. We have worming tablets for dogs available and also (as most cats will not co operate with tablet taking) this nifty granulated dog and cat wormer can be mixed into their food.

Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way, all we need now is a bit of good weather so we can get outdoor and enjoy the summer with our pets! :)

Some Tips on Choosing a Puppy – Part 1

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

We are lucky enough here at Mollys that a good chunk of our time in the store is spent with new puppies, answering questions for first time owners on getting started and helping them choose the right food, bed, toys, a suitable collar etc.. its really great fun and we love it! :)

We often get asked the same things over and over so I thought it may be useful for our online readers to post them to our blog.
Choosing to share your life with an animal is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Therefore before we even get started on the topics of rescue vs breeder, what size or breed is right for you and so on, you need to sit down with the whole family to discuss the following:

1. Can we afford a dog?

Costs include food, grooming (depending on the breed, some coats need maintenance every 5 weeks!) , insurance, vaccinations, kenneling while on holidays, medication if they get sick or injured, daycare if you work long hours (more on this later) toys… the list goes on!

2. Are we willing to commit to a dog for life?

I’m saying dog as they don’t stay cute little puppies for very long. Are the kids pressuring you as they want a “puppy” to play with, or are you all willing to care for a dog for the next possibly 15 years or so of its life? Dogs are not disposable, they are no doubt a joy but you have to be willing to be a responsible owner, even if the kids get bored.

3. Are we willing to train, play with, spend time with and EXERCISE a dog every day?

Oh and they poop too, that needs picking up both on walks and around the back garden.

4. Do we physically have enough space in the house for a dog?

If renting, are pets allowed? how easy is it to find places that do allow pets if we decide to move?

If you have answered yes to all of the above (or even better, YES!! Definitely!!!) then congratulations on making an informed and well thought out decision to become a dog owner! Please check back soon for part two of our tips on choosing a puppy.

DSPCA Dog Day Out Tomorrow 8.5.10 at Marlay Park

Friday, May 7th, 2010

If you’re in the Dublin area and free tomorrow between 12pm and 4pm, a fundraising Dog Day Out is taking place in Marlay Park in aid of the DSPCA.

Admission is free, there will also be some free training classes and there will be lots of stalls and fun activities for all ages! Full information available here.

This is a great opportunity to socialise your dog and support a great cause. Here’s hoping for some great weather to match!

Dog Rescues Dog in Distress on Highway

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Many videos exist on the internet of dogs performing miraculous stunts, funny tricks and acts of bravery- this video however, is a truly shocking situation. Shocking not because it involves a human and their loyal pet but because it involves two random dogs and the true bravery, awareness and depth of sensitivity involved.

The video, filmed in Chile, shows a dog getting hit by a car on a busy motorway. Suddenly another random dog comes running along, risking its’ own life to pull the other incapacitated dog to safety. It’s truly heart-wrenching to see the two dogs struggling on the road while cars and trucks zoom past.

Dog Rescues Dog in Distress on Highway

Unfortuntely the injured dog died later that day and the hero dog ran away when road workers went to help. This dog definitely has the stamp of approval!  Many locals had offered to adopt the stray hero dog, however the authorities were unable to track him down.

A Very Clever Dog Collar & Lead

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Every so often, a product comes along that really makes us sit up and take notice. The type of product that really does solve a problem or make something easier… like I don’t know, maybe a collar with a built in lead? Genius! :)

The collar is made of a soft but hardwearing nylon. Its not a very “pretty” collar but its certainly not ugly, and it can be easily prettified a bit with one of our stylish ID Tags or just worn for walks only.

The idea is when you have your dog in a safe off lead area, instead of having to keep a lead in your pocket or around your neck you simply pull out the elasticated, built in short lead when it’s time to walk back to your car, kids walk by, or any other reason you may need to bring your dog under control.

While were talking smart, time and effort saving gadgets, how about a lead with a built in car seatbelt adaptor?

It works at a regular 3′ lead with a padded nylon handle when out for a walk. When you get back to the car, adjust the slider to shorten the lead then pull back the velcro at the top to reveal the car seatbelt attachment. Simply click it into your car’s seatbelt receiver and attach the lead hook as usual to the back of the harness!
I tried it out last weekend and its great having one less thing to have to bring to the park – it leaves more hands free for tennis balls and water bowls at least!

There was only one thing about the product we thought was not so clever – this picture:

Attaching a seatbelt to a collar instead of a harness can cause serious injury to your dog’s neck or even death in the event of a crash, or even just having to break suddenly. Please always attach your dog’s seatbelt to a harness not a collar. If your dog will not wear a harness for some reason, we suggest using a dog crate instead of a seatbelt connector.