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Discount Code For

Friday, April 30th, 2010

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We’re not even done yet, there are more items arriving soon! We have also restocked favorites that had sold out such as our Christian Audigier collars and leads. Be quick though, they’re almost sold out again already 😉

We currently offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over €75 in Ireland, but we’re so excited about our new products and would love you to try them, so we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders between now and the end of May. Our standard shipping takes just 1-3 working days for your order to arrive, but if you’re in a hurry our next day express delivery service is also available at the reduced rate of €4.50 (usually €9)

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Happy Shopping,

Molly & the Team. x

Looking After A Bandaged Paw

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Poor Molly was back at the vet today with a sore paw :(Isn’t it so awful when one of your pets is sick?

A week or so ago, she started licking one of her nails excessively – presumably something got stuck under it and it quickly started to lift. Nicola at Brayvet expertly cut the nail back (as in right back, exposing the quick – ouch! poor Molly!) It was healing up really nicely until yesterday when it started swelling.

We went back to the vet today, Molly was not happy when she realised she was actually there for an appointment, not just to sniff and socialise in the reception area! We eventually coaxed her in and Andrew took a look. It turns out she had started the licking again and it was stopping the healing, so it was time for a bandage, along with some painkillers and antibiotics just in case of an infection.

Knowing that Molly is quite the stylish lady, I was happy to see a super cute paw-print bandage wrap was used. The happiness dissipated at reception though when I was told oh by the way, don’t get it wet – at all, very important.
For a second I was wondering how I was supposed to keep a big, active, muck and water loving dog dry for five whole days, then I remembered a nifty product we have in the shop called Pawz.

Dog boots and shoes are very popular in more extreme climates – for example they protect paws from piping hot pavements and snow melt chemicals – here in Ireland we rarely get the weather that requires them but we do carry Pawz rubber disposable boots in our store for things like allergies, cut pads, older/convalescing dogs who need better grip on laminate floors and now I can personally add and recommend keeping bandages dry to that list! :)  Apparently dogs prefer them as they are so thin they can easily feel the ground beneath them so don’t panic, owners prefer them as they come in a pack of 12, so if you lose or tear one just grab another from the pack – genius! :)

We measured Mollys actual paw and saw that she was a size medium, but the fat bandage meant that a large was a perfect fit. Pawz are colour coded by size, the large is purple so looks quite pretty and girlie and suits Molly very well :)

Getting her to take tablets is no problem at all (if its going in my mouth that means its food – right?) and she can walk perfectly on the now water proofed bandage – once she doesn’t try to eat it we’re laughing 😉

Trampoline Dog – Too Funny!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

This poor confused dog needs some toys to play with, right now!


Lush Cosmetics Backs The Dog Breeding Establishments Bill

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

I was delighted to hear that one of my favorite companies Lush Cosmetics will be campaigning in favor of this bill at their Irish stores tomorrow. If you are not familiar with Lush, they are a vegetarian company who are famous for their scrumptious, earth and animal friendly, handmade cosmetics and beauty products – be warned though once you try them out you will become addicted! :)

I blogged previously about this important new legislation that will hopefully be passed as Irish law soon. There is currently no legislation in place regarding the breeding of dogs in Ireland, no wonder we are known as the puppy farm capital of Europe! If properly enforced this new bill should help clean up the practices on Ireland’s puppy farms, which are currently horrific for the most part.

The purpose of the bill is to regulate all dog breeding establishments, but curiously, there is a strong lobby group from the greyhound racing industry and hunting fraternity campaigning to be excluded from having to register and have their breeding facilities inspected under the new legislation.

Lush Cosmetics are calling for the bill to pass without any exemptions for these facilities which I agree with 100% – If these facilities have nothing to hide there is no reason for them not to welcome regulation and inspection, don’t you think?

The staff at Lush will be calling on anybody who cares about animal welfare to come to their stores in Dublin and Cork tomorrow to sign their petition in support of the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill “with no exemptions for any establishment or special interest group”.

“We are proud to support this legislation, which will go some way to addressing the problems caused by puppy farming in Ireland”, said Lush Cork’s manager Karen Garvey “We feel that anyone who is breeding dogs should be subject to the same laws and inspections which safeguard the welfare of animals”.

Well done to all at Lush for caring about Irish animals! :)

Haute Easter Dog Parade

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Check out this amazing Easter Dog Parade organised by Haute Dogs from Long Beach in California!

Granted we don’t have the fabulous California sunshine on our side but maybe if we get some sort of summer this year and enough people were interested we could organise some sort of local outdoor event?

All in favor say AYE! :)

Keeping your pets safe at Easter

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Easter is truly a chocolate lovers favorite time of year, Easter egg hunts, Easter eggs, chocolate, more Easter Eggs… :) There are however some important potential hazards for your pets that you should be aware of.

Chocolate contains something called theobromine which is toxic for dogs, sometimes even fatal. People may say “oh a little bit won’t hurt them” which is probably true but I’d much rather give my dogs a nice Dog Treat that isn’t toxic for them instead of something harmful! If your dog is an expert counter surfer like Molly and manages to steal some Easter Eggs over the weekend, best call the vet with their to get their professional opinion. The darker the chocolate the more dangerous it can be and don’t ever let your dog near cocoa powder! Cats and other species can be susceptible to toxicity from chocolate also, they are just less likely to be interested in sniffing it out than dogs.

Easter Lily
Contact your vet immediately if you suspect your cat has ingested any part of your lily plant. The Easter Lily and some other related Lillies are highly toxic for cats if ingested, potentially leading to renal failure (kidney failure) or even death.

This artificial sweetener is found in many sweets, chewing gum and some commercially baked goods is also toxic for dogs and cats.

Sweet Wrappers and Decorations
Most cats love anything that rustles, sparkles or makes fun noises when it moves/is pounced on. Some cats then love to eat their “catch” and this can cause painful blockages. So keep paper decorations well out of their reach and bring those egg wrappers straight out to the recycle bin!

Well now that we’ve finished with the spoilsport stuff, all that is left is to wish you a very Happy Easter!

Hopefully the weather will improve so we can all get some quality dog walking time in over the bank holiday weekend.