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Our Christmas stock has started arriving!

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

santa pet
We get lots of boxes arriving to Mollys, but our favorite kind are the ones that we get at this time of year with our Christmas stock! There’s nothing cuter than holiday pet products … well except the actual pets of course! :)
pet reindeer
As well as our traditional favorites like our paw shaped and kitty stockings, this year we have some beautiful velvet Winter Wonderland collars with crystals and snowflakes, matching leads are available too.


We also have our ever popular bandana collars in a festive candy cane print, from 10″ right up to 24″ with matching leads for the little guys.


Our new Party Ruffles are getting a lot of attention in our boutique. They are scrunchy elasticated neckwear for pets with lots of rrruffles, perfect for parties if your pet doesn’t like to dress up but you would like to include them in the fun. There are two options, jingle bells or silent stars.


If you are planning on treating your pet to a new bed for Christmas, please don’t leave it too late! We have already re-ordered our bestselling bagel beds twice for Christmas and supplies are running low again!

If you have any questions about sizing, gift ideas or anything else – as always we are happy to help. Please email us [email protected] or call 01-2805999.

Happy Shopping,

Claire & Molly

Dog Treats & Biscuits – the good, the bad and the shockingly bad!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

We love our dogs, we want them to be happy. So you’re out doing your own grocery shopping, you pass the pet aisle and think – surely it would be rude not to pick up some treats for the dog while we’re at it? 😉

dog treats

But how many of us actually look at the side of the packet at the (often verrrry long and difficult to decipher) list of ingredients?

Can anyone tell me what “derivatives of animal origin” are? Something vaguely related to an animal, maybe some leftovers from the abattoir (slaughterhouse) floor, can’t be that bad… right? :(

What about another popular ingredient “derivatives of vegetable origin” . That’s not good wholesome vegetables or even “vegetable derivatives” …

“Derivatives of vegetable origin” .

Doesn’t sound too tasty or beneficial to me.

A lot of treats and biscuits also contain a lot of salt, sugar and flavor enhancers. None of these are doing your dog any good.

For more information on pet food and treat ingredients, the Dog Food Analysis website is well worth a read. You may be shocked at what you’ve really been feeding your pet!

Luckily, there are dog treats and biscuits available with no “mystery ingredients” that they will love to munch on! 😀


Our bestselling range of Scallywags biscuits are baked here in Dublin and our dogs just love them! They have no nasty hidden ingredients and are available in barley bites (with herbs and honey – Molly’s fave!), peanut butter, rye crunch (low fat) and oatees (parmesan cheese). Try them yourself to see how delicious they are 😉

If you think your dog would prefer something meaty, our Arden Grange treats and hypoallergenic and made with wholesome, natural ingredients. They are currently available in Lamb or Salmon.


We have just started selling Petzerts in our store and have had a great response so far. These are frozen certified organic pots of probiotic and prebiotic natural yoghurt, made right here in Ireland! As they are frozen treats they are not suitable for mailing so are only available from our freezer instore.

cat treats

It is very difficult to find good cat treats so we were very happy to see the ingredient list for our new gourmet salmon and vegetable cat treats. They are low fat and stuffed with salmon, carrots, broccoli, alfafa sprouts, apples and cranberries.

If you don’t mind getting your hands (and floors) dirty, knuckle bones are a great natural treat for dogs (your local butcher can help you there) also sweet potato and carrots go down really well.