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Be a VIP at Pet Expo Munster 2008!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

The VIP Lounge at Pet Expo Munster 2008

(for Very Important Pets!)

Every Molly deserves VIP treatment!

From Molly the Pet Expo mascot (beautiful Bichon Frise) to Molly the founder of Mollys Pet Boutique (beautiful mutt!) and every Molly inbetween.

If you love your pet like we love our Mollys, then why not give them the chance to feel like a star at the VIP lounge at Pet Expo Munster? (Non Mollys are also welcome!)

The VIP lounge will be an exclusive, invite only area at Pet Expo Munster 2008. VIP lounge pass holders will be treated to signature Canine Cosmos, BARKaritas and canPUPés while both pets and their people mingle, get their picture taken on the red carpet and browse the fabulous Mollys Pet Boutique collection (at a special VIP discounted rate) before enjoying the Pet Expo fashion show in style and comfort from our special VIP viewing area.

Entry to the VIP Lounge at Pet Expo Munster will be given to VIP pass holders only.
To enter you and your pet in the FREE draw to try win a VIP pass please email us [email protected]

See you on the red carpet!

Claire and Molly xx

Please note: It is imperative to your pet’s health to keep vaccinations up to date. For the health and safety of our VIP guests we will need to see an up to date vaccination card, either in advance of Pet Expo Munster via post/email or on the day. Under no circumstances will VIP guests be admitted to the VIP lounge with out proof of vaccination. As responsible pet owners, we’re sure you understand.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride @ Pride!

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Our of the bestselling items from our summer collection every year is our fabulous “Never the Bride” tank top from our Dog Bridal Boutique. Our bridal collection is popular with people who want to include their pets in their wedding party, actual doggy weddings and as a surprise gag for the bride or groom on the morning of the wedding. Imagine our amusement at finding out that the theme for the Dublin Pride Festival ’08 is “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” . We figured it would be rude of us not to attend the Pride Parade on saturday (seeing as we already had our outfits sorted and everything!) Claire & Brona will be the brides and Molly will be our bridesmaid. It will be hard to miss a 28 kilo dalmatian cross wearing a pink bridesmaids outfit, so if you do see us come say hi! If you are planning on bringing your pet to pride and need some inspiration for their outfit, check out our Super Stripe rainbow collars, leads & harnesses and our Rainbow Tank Top.

Happy Pride Week,

Claire and Molly loves!

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Our \"Gorgeous Finds\" page We’ve been nominated as a “gorgeous find” on My Beautiful Boutique … YAY for us! My Beautiful Boutique is a fab boutique directory, sign up for free to receive weekly updates from the world of fashion, style, beauty and culture. See our page for more info.

The Pets Corner at The Family Show this weekend!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Our friends at Pet Expo will be hosting a Pets Corner at The Family Show this weekend at the RDS, Dublin. Dogs Trust will be there offering some practical advice on adoption and caring for your pets and there will be lots of other fun stuff too. Some of our fabulous products will be on display as well as entry forms for THE MOLLYS.IE VIP LOUNGE at Pet Expo Munster next month. We are running a competition to find some Very Important Pets (VIP’s!) to get some star treatment at Pet Expo. If you can’t make it down to the Family Show don’t worry, full details of how to enter will be posted here soon!

Lucky the hot dog :)

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Our fluffy collie/terrier mix Lucky ADORES the sun. The trouble is, in hot weather he doesn’t know when he’s too hot and will sit there, baking and cranky, refusing to come into the shade.

We’re helping to keep him from over heating by brushing him regularly to get rid of any dead hair in his undercoat so his skin can breathe better. His undercoat is like candy floss, I’m always amazed at how much comes off in the brush! I find that this soft slicker brush works best on his coat.

A couple of years ago I invested in this sandbox from Smyths (it was still available today according to their online catalog.) I half fill it with water and a mixture of floating toys and heavier ones that sink to the bottom. Molly and Lemar love dipping their faces in to fish out the toys and it really helps cool them off. But of course, Lucky always refuses to leave his precious sunny spot by the back door… so instead I wet one of his tshirts before putting it on him; this always helps and he really seems to appreciate it, especially since he doesn’t have to move!

I never bring the hounds anywhere without a Handi-drink especially on long walks or car journeys – and have recently discovered they can also be used to spray the back of Lucky’s neck and face when he’s overheating.

I also put ice cubes in their water dishes to keep the water cold.

I hope you find this helpful, feel free to post any other tips for keeping your “hot dog” cool!

Claire xx

Welcome to our blog!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Well, they say good things come to those who wait… our fabulous new website is finally ready, we hope you’ll agree it was worth waiting for!

After two years we felt it was time for a makeover. As well as updating our “look” we’ve added some new features, including Molly’s blog. We’ll be using it to keep you informed of our latest news as well as posting pictures from our puppy parties and other events, reviewing new products and trends, offering helpful tips for pet care and of course, who doesn’t love cute and funny pet videos…

Happy Shopping,

Claire & Molly xx